NIMBioS Postdoctoral Fellows Invited Distinguished Visitor

Abdul-Aziz Yakubu (November 18, 2010) Malaria model and optimal use of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine as a temporary malaria vaccine in Mali
Yakubu(Image source)

Mark Kirkpatrick (January 12, 2011) Chromosome evolution under local adaptation and sexual conflict (Seminar Flyer)

Peter Hammerstein (March 1st, 2011) Manipulative strategies and their evolution (Seminar Flyer) (Blog post)

Mark McPeek (March 8, 2011) Climate change and how we got the biota we have today (Seminar Flyer) (Blog post)

Fred Adler (March 22, 2011) The virtues of waiting, procrastinating and avoiding conflict (Seminar Flyer) (Blog post)

Russell Lande (February 28 , 2012) Adaptation to an extraordinary environment by evolution of phenotypic plasticity and genetic assimilation (Seminar Flyer) (Blog post)

Andrew Pomiankowski (April 4, 2012) Do sexual ornaments signal fertility

Joshua Plotkin (April 24, 2012) On the role of neutral mutations in adaptation (Seminar Flyer) Plotkin

Simon Levin (November 13, 2012) Evolutionary perspectives on discounting, public goods and collective behavior (Seminar Flyer) Plotkin

Since I left NIMBioS, this seminar series is organized by Andrew Kanarek